Scale Drives Opportunity

Together, we can make a lasting impact on the dealer industry

Our goal is to deliver best-in-class technology and software to niche dealer industries.
If you own a software business that operates in the dealership industry – let’s explore a potential fit.

Our Acquisition Criteria:

Dealer Software

Service scheduling to dealership management - and everything in between


Big or small – we’ve done it all


Privately owned or corporate divestiture


We operate wherever you do

Your Business, Your Way

We work with you based on the specific goals you have for your business. Whether you want to keep steering your business forward or leave it in good hands - we can get you there.

Thinking of selling your business?
Here’s what you can count on:

No Re-sell Promise

We are perpetual owners who care about the long-term health of your business and your people.

Candor and Transparency – Every Step of the Way

Our straightforward acquisition process focuses on building trust and mutual alignment. We are able to close quickly to minimize the impact on you and your team.

Fair Valuations

We acquire healthy businesses and have a strong sense of market valuations. While fit is important, we know that the valuation is too.

Continued Legacy

We buy and hold. We will continue to invest in building your company’s legacy to ensure your business is growing and profitable.

A Place Where Your People Can Grow

Employees are our #1 priority. We believe in facilitating as many learning and personal development opportunities as possible for our people.

Fast: LOIs with valuation within a week; LOI and closing as fast as 45 days

Easy: Cash at close

Certain: 95%+ close rate on our LOIs

Looking to join a group of like-minded owners and continue running your business?
Here’s how we can help:


Our businesses operate independently in a decentralized structure. We do not take over day-to-day operations but rather work with the management team to help achieve market leadership.

Dealership Expertise

As part of a group of software businesses dedicated to the dealership industry, our network of customers, partners, and providers will bolster your reputation in the industry and your visibility with customers.

Growth & Scalability

With our portfolio of successful companies specifically focused on dealers, you will have access to a larger, collaborative environment of people and companies to help drive new product innovations and services at scale.

Global Community

Get access to a community of 800+ other successful business owners within Constellation Software. You will have all the resources, guidance, and capital to improve operational efficiencies.

We all have the same goal: creating more value for our customers. The capabilities and knowledge Constellation Dealer Group brings allow us to innovate and grow faster.
Shane Waldemar

General Manager, DIS