Constellation Dealer Group Leaders

Meet our passionate team that's pioneering the use of data and technology to support dealers around the globe.

Leadership Team

Years in the industry: 30

Lives in: Raleigh, NC - US

Fun Fact: As part of a military family, lived in 8 different states before he was 12 years old.

Sean Raynor

President, Constellation Dealer Group

Years in the industry: 12

Lives in: Dallas, TX - US

Fun Fact: Big fan of Sherlock Holmes

Ajay Thakur

General Manager, OPE Group

Years in the industry: 10

Lives in: Poole, Dorset - UK

Fun Fact: Has 52 first cousins

Collette Convery

Managing Director, Dealer UK

Years in the industry: 6

Lives in: Lynden, WA - US

Fun Fact: Raised and showed beef cows professionally

Shane Waldemar

General Manager, DIS

Years in the industry: 7

Lives in: Toronto, Canada

Favourite Book: “Extreme Ownership” by J. Willink & L. Babin

Frank Tamburrini

General Manager, IDS

Years in the industry: 5

Lives in: Toronto, Canada

Favourite Book: All John Grisham novels

Kanchan Java

General Manager, Charter

Acquisition Team

Joe Mingail

Chief Investment Officer

Michael Goldband

Vice President, M&A

Evan Johnson

Corporate Development Manager