Amplify Your Legacy
with Constellation Dealer Group

We acquire, nurture, and grow dealer software businesses.
Together, we transform dealership operations worldwide.

Legacy Meets Longevity

We respect your past and champion your software’s future.

Lasting Dealer Industry Impact

With us, your achievements don't just endure—they thrive. Let us take what you have built to the next level.

No Re-Sell Promise

We don’t re-sell businesses. Period. We provide stability and peace of mind for your employees, customers, and partners.

Fast-Track Cash Deals

Our internal funding sources and in-house team allow us to close 100% cash deals within weeks.

Help your business thrive among dealer industry leaders.

Dealership challenges?

We get it better than anyone.

Tech solutions?

We lead the charge.

It's also why we devote unmatched resources to dealer-focused innovations, maximizing their profitability and efficiency.

Why choose us?

LegacyPreserve brand, culture, team and offices
LiquidityDe-risk through all-cash, fast exit
AutonomyDecentralized, learning-focused operating mantra
Managed GrowthLong-term, quality growth with guidance and access to other dealer industry leaders
Constellation Dealer Group
Venture Capital
Private Equity
Strategic Acquiror
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