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The Largest Outdoor Power Equipment Markets Database

Constellation Dealership Software companies, Ideal and c-Systems, have developed the largest database of dealership transactional sales, inventory position and task completion information in the outdoor power equipment (OPE) market. Drawing from over 1,000 dealers on a nightly basis, this data warehouse is the largest, most accurate source for dealership and market year-over-year trending information in the industry.

  • The report is based on a group of dealers who have reported their data over the previous two years. The dealer count, wholegood unit sale count, and total sales numbers below show the actual number of dealers and total sales being analyzed.
  • The graph and analysis on the following pages is based on a smaller “same store” group of dealers who have submitted data for the week shown for three years in a row (2018, 2019, and 2020).
  • The report is showing data from combined sales of parts in all departments, wholegood sales and service repairs.
  • The report is showing a year over year average with a yellow line indicating the current year performance over an average of sales in 2018 and 2019.





Dealer Count


New Wholegood Sales


Total Sales



2020 Weekly Revenue vs Average of Previous 2 Years

1064 Same Store OPE Dealers

2020 Weekly Revenue vs Average of Previous 2 Years

2020 Weekly Revenue vs Average of Previous 2 Years Data

Average Retail Sales for the previous week showed an increase of 34% over average year

Greatest single weekly decline over average year: -11% (This was the last week of March and is off the chart now)


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