c-Systems acquisition

Constellation Software Adds c-Systems to Its Dealership Software Group

TORONTO, ON, July 3, 2018 – Constellation Software Inc. (TSX: CSU) announced today that it has purchased 100% of c-Systems Software Inc.’s shares through its Perseus division. The acquisition further expands Constellation’s presence in the dealership management software market.

Headquartered in Arlington, Texas, with customers across the United States and Canada, c-Systems is a leading provider of business system software to outdoor power equipment (OPE) dealers in North America.

“c-Systems will join Constellation’s Dealership Software Group, which is comprised of several leading software products designed specifically for dealerships,” said Daniel Zinman, the Vice President of Constellation’s Dealership Software Group. “With its addition, over 5,000 dealerships across North America and the United Kingdom will be able to use one or more of our software products to run their business. We welcome the employees, customers and products of c-Systems to the Constellation family.”

As part of the acquisition, founding partners Steven Stinson and Jim Phelan will be retiring from the business. Ideal Software’s General Manager Ajay Thakur, will be appointed as the executive General Manager in charge of both businesses units.

“c-Systems and Constellation’s Ideal Software are the two leading software brands for OPE dealers,” said Thakur. “Together these software brands represent, by far, the largest and most capable dealer network in the industry. Through our combined efforts, we are excited to provide innovation, new capabilities and operational efficiencies to these dealers, so they can continue to successfully differentiate themselves from big-box retailers.”